Bella Sun Luci Cucina Italiano Risotto

Mooney Farms and the Bella Sun Luci brand hit a home run this year with their new line of Bella Sun Luci Cucina Italiano Risottos launched in May. The line consists of three new and unique flavors that have been a great success in trials and at early 2016 trade shows – Sun Dried Tomato, Sun Dried Tomato and Wild Mushroom, and Cranberry Almond. Each risotto offers it’s own distinct flavors that have been created by Mooney Farms’ corporate chef, Richard Hirshen, and Mooney Farms President, Mary Mooney.

“Customers want new, innovative, and healthy dishes to bring to their table”, says President, Mary Mooney. “We create products that promote healthy eating with a gourmet touch. These risottos not only contain healthful ingredients, such as whole grains, sun dried tomatoes, wild mushrooms, almonds, etc, but also allow consumers to serve gourmet Italian dishes in the comfort of their own kitchen.”

Each of the three flavors is premixed with premium ingredients and herbs, ready to be prepared directly from the container. “It takes the pressure off the consumer and allows them to serve a traditionally difficult dish without the hassle of following a complex recipe or having to prepare the additional ingredients,” says Chef Richard. “We combined all the essential flavors to you will need to serve a great Italian meal to family and friends in just 20 minutes.”

At 15 servings per container, Bella Sun Luci Cucina Italiano Risotto stands out against the rest because of its great price and value.

Chef Richie

About Chef Richie

As corporate chef for Bella Sun Luci, Richard "Chef Richie" Hirshen, whose culinary career spans more than 30 years, plays an instrumental role in product development, recipe creation, and cooking demonstrations.

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