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November 2020 Honorable Mention Recipe

Chefs, cooks, gourmands, gourmets and foodies of all ages, Now that fall has realllyyy fallen and fall color is in full ‘bloom’, it’s high time we stepped up our game for the holidays.

November 2020 Honorable Mention Recipe featured image

October 2020 Honorable Mention

Hello Bella Sun Luci fans and home chefs! It’s Chef Richie here wishing you a Happy Autumn! It’s a super creative and festive time of year for cooking up a storm! Congratulations to John Klopfer! John, who submitted this recipe for his delicious Acorn Squash Royal to our annual contest has won a Bella Sun Luci deluxe gift box full of our premium products as October’s Honorable Mention!

October 2020 Honorable Mention featured image

The Mooney Family and Bella Sun Luci Story

Mooney Farms, producers of Bella Sun Luci and owned and operated by the Mooney family, began in 1987 as a kiwi farming operation in Northern California. Struggling to save the family farm during the 1980s farming crisis, the family began to sell kiwi fruit on the side of the road. Surprisingly, this generated enough cash to save the ranch and launch a whole new idea.

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Belli amici! Cooks and chefs! Food lovers! Here comes more springtime fun! Divertimento della primavera!   This recipe is truly a winner. Flavor, texture, visual, professional technique and originality. In fact, I’ve come up for a new name for it…it’s a spinach and sun dried tomato ROUXFFLE! The ingredients for a soufflé go into a roux, it puffs up in the oven and comes out beautiful.

April 2020 Honorable Mention - Sun Dried Tomato & Spinach Soufflé Tart featured image

Felice anno nuovo! Happy New Year! Another year to learn and cook wonderful recipes from around Italy, the USA, and the world. In a way, this month's honorable mention recipe from the Bella Sun Luci recipe contest, Sun Dried Tomato Crab Cakes by chef Roma Campanaro, covers all of that. Chef Richie says: Think global, cook local. And...seasonal.

January 2020 Honorable Mention - Sun Dried Tomato Crab Cakes featured image

Tis the season for comfort food…long-cook braises that warm up the house and remind us, especially if she isn’t with us, of grandma. I’ve always aspired to cook like all of the grandmas who have taught me over the 30+ years I’ve cooked. This month’s Bella Sun Luci recipe contest honorable mention winner from chef Gina Bravo is, Chef Richie Says, a tribute to the Northern Italian “nonna”. Nice work chef!

2019 December Honorable Mention Recipe - Sun Dried Tomato Short Ribs with Cheesy Polenta featured image

October means a lot of things to me and my kitchen. It’s the end of tomatoes and their summer brothers and sisters. The harvest moon and the cornucopia. Autumn squashes, Halloween, the Great Pumpkin and root vegetables are coming in. And autumn has inspired me to choose Toni Sevenhouse’s Bruschetta Vegetti as this month’s honorable mention recipe. Congratulations chef Toni, you win a Bella Sun Luci gift box full of our products! And, as you can see, we’ve immortalized your recipe through the magic of video.

2019 October Honorable Mention Recipe - Bruschetta Vegetti featured image

October 2018 Honorable Mention

Amici, foodisti and lovers of the Bella Sun Luci good life… Fall has officially fallen! Each season brings its own unique culinary treasures and I love fall for its persimmons, pomegranates, and citrus. I eat 50 pounds of tangerines every autumn-winter in addition to oranges, blood oranges, tangelos, and grapefruits. I loooove citrus. My taste buds AND my body tell me I do.

October 2018 Honorable Mention featured image