Dreamy Sun Dried Tomato Hand Pies with Chicken, Cabernet Mushrooms, Mozzarella and Zucchini

Happy February! Football, food and romance...the first hints of springtime...fill this month!

This Bella Sun Luci Recipe Contest honorable mention treat comes from Sarah Meuser who a few years ago made the podium with her cod and sun dried tomatoes en papillot recipe. Welcome back Sarah and congratulations!

A few notes about this recipe and all of our honorable mentions: YOU'RE...YOU the reader, are the chef. So if you have ingredients (or if you're shopping and get inspired by something you see) that might work well in this as substitutes, it'll be YOUR call. 

For example, I already had an Italian shredded 4 cheese blend in the fridge that I used instead of the recipe's sliced mozzarella. And I used Pinot Grigio instead of Cabernet, also because I happened to have the Pinot on hand.

This recipe is a great way to maintain social distancing (no dipping/community served food and it's hand held) and let me tell you something: IT'S DELICIOUS. Our taste panel devoured these ALL in about 60 seconds. 

No joke. Chef Sarah doesn't mess around!

So...happy cooking and eating, let the best team win, let love be in the air, in our lives and let's see what next month and the beginning of spring bring.


Chef Richie

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Chef Richie

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