January 2021 Honorable Mention - Sun Dried Tomato Shakshuka

For all you lovers of hearty, tomatoey and international comfort food, this month's honorable mention recipe submitted to last year's contest by Emily Hobbs hits the bullseye of all of those targets.

Emily's version of Shakshuka, originally a Northern African, probably Tunisian, and therefore Mediterranean dish with eggs poached in tomato sauce, explodes with flavor. All of us here on the taste panel loved it and came back for seconds.

It's actually simple to make and because it incorporates elements of the Mediterranean Diet, it's packed, in addition to flavor, with protein, antioxidants and it's a colorful work of art.

Please try it at home with our tomato-artichoke pasta sauce, sun dried tomatoes julienne cut in premium olive oil with Italian herbs and your favorite olives. You can use any herbs you like, not just cilantro. Why? Because YOU'RE THE CHEF!

Happy cooking, buon appetito and please send in your own (or your mom's/grandma's) recipe to have a shot of winning the grand prize of $2,500!


Chef Richie

Click on our recipe page to try Emily's dish!

Chef Richie

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