NEW Bella Sun Luci Tomato Jerky

Bella Sun Luci Plant Based tomato jerky provides the savory, full flavor expected in jerky in addition to the healthy goodness of tomatoes! This handcrafted snack is non GMO and vegan in addition to providing 6 grams of protein and fiber, at only 80 calories per serving, these bite-sized morsels truly are the perfect guilt-free snack. Bella Sun luci's Tomato Jerky also has 0 cholesterol and fat, and is a rich source of the powerful antioxidant, lycopene.

Plant based products are rapidly gaining popularity. Plant based tomato jerky is on trend with today’s foodie culture. Spicy and sweet minus the meat! The product was designed to make mindful snacking simple for busy consumers.  

Bella Sun Luci products align with the plant based food movement and the company values food that is made with real, simple ingredients. All of the jerky flavors are not only plant based but vegan. 

The plant based movement is continuing to grow in popularity, Fancy Food Magazine placed the jerky on its Top Trends of 2020 list, because of consumer interest in “whole fruits and vegetables as part of a plant based diet.” 

According to market research group, The Nielsen Company, though just 6 percent of Americans eat vegetarian and only 3 percent eat vegan, but almost 40 percent now make an effort to eat more plant-based foods. A growing reason why consumers choose to eat plant based foods are the health benefits. 

Products that are labeled “plant-based” dont just appeal to vegans, the Plant Based Tomato Jerky can even give meat and dairy eaters an easy alternative. According to a study conducted by Food Business News, nearly two in five Americans are trying to add more plant-based foods into their diet. With the same bold flavor of a meat based jerky, the Plant Based Tomato Jerky is a great option for consumers seeking alternatives. 

According to Mary Mooney, owner of the sun-dried tomato processor Mooney Farms that offers the Bella Sun Luci line, "The vegan population is growing and with it, we are bringing forward-thinking foods that appeal to both vegans and non-vegans alike. We believe bringing sun-dried tomatoes to the snack market in this new and innovative plant-based jerky marks the start of a health trend that’s here to stay."


Chef Richie

About Chef Richie

As corporate chef for Bella Sun Luci, Richard "Chef Richie" Hirshen, whose culinary career spans more than 30 years, plays an instrumental role in product development, recipe creation, and cooking demonstrations.

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