Sun Dried Tomato Bacon Wrapped Shrimp with a Brie Cream Sauce Pasta

Ladies and gentlemen of the Bella Sun Luci food world,

Have I got a dish for you. So simple you really will be the chef when you cook this, it’s elegant and rich, and…festive! It’s a GREAT holiday dish and it’s good for all of the year’s holidays. I was just thinking how it’ll be great for Valentine’s Day.

Chef Lisa Talberg submitted this recipe to our contest and I’m so proud of her. It really captures the spirit of Bella Sun Luci. Sun dried tomatoes used three ways (if you count the beginning of the sauce with the oil from the jar of our Sun Dried Tomatoes in Extra Virgin Olive oil with Italian Herbs. The brie, sun dried tomatoes, olives and pasta are true Mediterranean staples and this dish is exploding with flavors and textures.

Congratulations Chef Lisa! You’ll be receiving a deluxe gift box of our products for your efforts and talent, to develop your next masterpiece to submit to next year’s recipe contest.

Everybody else, pllllleeeeease send in YOUR recipe to and maybe you’ll win the grand prize ($2,500)! Have fun with it, be creative and I’ll see you next year with more fab recipes.

Happy New Year!


Chef Richie Hirshen

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