Welcome to the Italian Kitchen

Experience the art of Italian flavor and explore the endless mealtime possibilities from your kitchen. Keep garden fresh flavor in your pantry year round with our NEW Sauce Starters, now available in three flavors!

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Bring the Taste of Italy
to Your Table

We source the highest quality ingredients from the finest orchards and fields to craft unforgettable flavors.

Lycopene Rich

Small Batch

Made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Hand Crafted

Tomato Sauce Starters

Take the guesswork out of authentic Italian cooking and create memorable meals in minutes that let you be the chef with our new flavored tomato sauce starters! Take the guesswork out of authentic Italian cooking and create memorable meals in minutes that let you be the chef! And it doesn't stop there...stir into rice, potatoes, soups, and roasts, for delicious bold flavor to elevate your favorite meals!

Tomato & Basil

Bring the sweet flavors of basil and vine-ripened tomatoes to your kitchen with our newest Tomato & Basil Sauce Starter!

Tuscan Garden

Bring the rich and hearty flavors of a Italian garden to your kitchen with our newest Tuscan Garden Sauce Starter!

Tomato & Pepper

Spice up your meals with the flavors from the South of Italy using our newest Tomato & Pepper Sauce Starter!

100% Olive Oil Salad Dressing

Our artisan vinaigrette collection is made with arbequina extra virgin olive oil from the bounty harvested from the California groves of the Mooney Family Estate.

Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette

The rich flavor of our estate-grown olive oil is blended with Meyer lemons and basil to craft a crisp vinaigrette and marinade!


Made with the highest quality ingredients in mind. De Nigris’s aged balsamic vinegar of Modena, Italy made using only the traditional methods in the heart of the Emilia-Romagna region. The vinaigrette's vibrant flavor is from subtle notes of lemon and raw honey.


Crafted with sweet oranges and locally sourced honey, making this vinaigrette a quintessential summer staple. It’s balanced and bright flavors are from the rich vinegars, herbs, and just the right amount of spices.


A balance of flavors from rich notes of garlic and Italian herbs. Infused with California grown sun dried tomatoes and aromatic grape must for a semi-sweet finish.

Sun Dried Tomato Tuscan Rub

A new way to flavor your food

The bold rub is great on veggies, chicken, and seafood! Simply brush or drizzle on olive oil, coat your favorite veggies, chicken or seafood, and grill or roast for that delicious carmelized flavor!

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Sauce Starters

All-day slow simmered flavor

In true Italian taste we have innovated the new line of Sauce Starters to help boost your broths, add depth to sauces, and build rich flavor to everyday meals! Our concentrated tomato cooking bases gives you the secret ingredients to create restaurant quality meals at home with minimal prep time!

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Certified WBENC

Women-Owned & Female Farmed

Bella Sun Luci is proud to be a certified women owned brand and even more passionate about continuing the tradition of growing & producing fine foods for families to enjoy. 

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Where Home-Style Recipes Meet the Freshest Ingredients

When you make your kitchen a Bella Sun Luci Italian Kitchen, you truly have quality ingredients at your fingertips. Explore the taste of premium flavor and bring the premium products with high quality flavor to your table tonight.

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