May 2021 Honorable Mention - Italian Style Potato Salad

In the final week of Mediterranean month we thought it would be fitting to honor Jennifer Peters as our May’s Honorable Mention! Chef Peters prepared an Italian Potato Salad that is quintessential for your Memorial Day barbecue or summer picnic! Creamy and sharp thanks to the red potatoes and plentiful stone ground mustard; this salad is light and nothing less than flavorful. High expectations were held for this recipe and did it impress the entire test kitchen crew!

Chef Peters recipe notes mention you can use Bella Sun Luci Julienne Cut Italian Basil tomatoes as a substitute for the oil packed version.  We opted for sun dried tomatoes in oil so we could use the tomato infused oil in order to intensify the flavor coating the potatoes.

This Italian take on potato salad calls for al dente potatoes tossed in with refreshing herbs, vinegar, and sun dried tomato infused extra virgin olive oil. We added ingredients like diced red onion, and sweet green olives provided the perfect offset of texture to this summertime side dish. Filled with plenty of fresh garlic and robust sun dried tomatoes we recommend enjoying this salad at room temperature. Supplement herbs for in season herbs at the height of freshness. I recommend using wild marjoram as it addeds simliar sweet notes of fresh flavor.

In Italy fresh parsley is widely used, and even hang dried in many Italian kitchens to be used throughout off-season months. Prezzemolo, parsley in Italian, is often used in seafood and vegetable sauces and in most pasta dishes, sauces, and soup.

Please remember to submit your Bella Sun Luci inspired recipes using our products here, and as always cook and eat well, surrounded by friends and family! We look forward to seeing what dishes you can create!

Buon appetito!

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