October 2021- Honorable Mention

Chef Kelly Mapes skillet hot dish compliments the cooler weather autumn nights bring as fall begins. With sautéed butternut squash, portabella mushrooms, and roasted pine nuts this dish is accompanied robust flavors of sun dried tomatoes and sun dried tomato pesto served with the Italian staple polenta. Delicious flavor in each bite this skillet hot dish is perfect for cozy night in. Fall has fallen with rich flavor in this honorable mention recipe. Very Italian...check. Gluten-free because of its polenta (not a requirement, but kinda refreshing)...check. Squash, mushrooms, kale and pine nuts...check.

Whether or not you buy and cook your own polenta from scratch, COOK THIS RECIPE AT HOME! You'll and your guests will be SO happy you did!

Chef Richie notes:

  1. Any protein will work well with this dish...steak, pork, turkey and even vegetarian/a circus of vegetables...and remember, YOU'RE the chef! Rock it!
  2. Employ a level of seasonal creativity similar to Chef Kelly's here, when you submit your own recipe to our contest at www.bellasunluci.com. Maybe use A FEW of our products in your recipe!

Maybe YOU'LL win the $2,500 grand prize, or our $500 2nd place prize, a super deluxe Bella Sun Luci gift box for 3rd place, or at least a realllyyy nice gift box for one of our monthly honorable mention recipes, and me being filmed making your dish!

Keep cooking and submitting recipes Chef Kelly! You've got what it takes!

Happy cooking, with passion, buon appetito and arrivederci to all of you chefs!


Chef Richie Hirshen

Watch Chef Richie Prepare this Dish! 

Chef Richie

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