Ritrovo Selections Balsamic Vinegar

Ritrovo Selections Balsamic Vinegar

2 lbs $24.00 ea

Sofi Gold Winner Outstanding Vinegar. Sofi award is one of the most widely regarded benchmarks of culinary excellence and indicators of success in the specialty food industry. 

8.45 fl oz

Product Description

A rich, balanced balsamic made with USDA-certified organic Lambrusco grape must. Mellow acidity makes it a natural complement for a wide range of dishes. The Maletti family, based in the province of Modena, produces the balsamic with local grape musts from Lambrusco and Trebbiano varietals. Combining the musts with red wine vinegar, the Malettis innovative aging process naturally promotes regulated evaporation in French Allier oak barrels. This gives the six-year balsamic a mature taste that can be mistaken for a ten- or 12-year balsamic. 

Mooney Farms recieves only ten cases each year, of this highly coveted vinegar.