Chef Richie here, at your service! ;-) Love is in the air! Love is in a lot of places…Cupid is all over the place…did you know that Cupid is actually a chef?! What’s that about the way to a man’s/woman’s heart is through the stomach?…nothing like a man in the kitchen…and on and on.

7th and 8th Place Honorable Mention – 2014 Recipe Contest featured image

Chef Richie here…at your service! This past week, Bella Sun Luci and Cut N Clean Greens came together to create four harmonious dishes featuring sun dried tomatoes and assorted greens. The combination of these super foods was so delicious that the two brands will be creating a co-marketing campaign to hit grocery store shelves soon.

Sun Dried Tomatoes and Greens ~ A Match Made in the Garden featured image